Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BMW 7-Series M Sport Model: First Official Photos

Unless someone had plenty of time to fool around with photoshop, these are the first official photos of the BMW 7-Series M Sport Edition. The Bavarian manufacturer has not released anything on the car yet, but we're willing to bet that what you see pictured here is not an M7 but rather a 7-Series with the M Sport package consisting of cosmetic exterior and interior tweaks, and quite possibly, a tuned suspension and uprated brakes plus a beefier set of tires.

Oddly enough, BMW's designers opted to decorate the M-Style bumpers with two large chunks of chrome on either side - what's with that? The 7-Series M Sport model also gets a dark chrome trim for the window surrounds and newly designed alloy wheels.

As with the M Sport packs offered on other BMWs, the 7-series' interior gains a set of sport seats up front along with a three-spoke M Sport steering wheel and polished aluminum decorative trim on the dashboard and the center console.

We'll get back on the 7-Series M Sport Edition as soon as BMW issues an official release.

Via: 7post


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