Monday, December 20, 2010

1985 BMW 557i with Corvette V8 Heart Transplant

Owning a mint condition E28 BMW 5 Series would be a dream come true for most bimmer fans. However, the owner of this Euro-spec 1985 528i was probably not impressed by the stock 2.8-liter powerplant’s 184-ponies, so he performed an engine swap.

If it was up to me and money wasn't an object, I would've probably tried to fit a V12, but the 1999 Chevy LS1 V8 isn’t a bad fit either - that is, if you really feel the need to hear an American V8 burbling under the hood of a vintage German sedan.

The seller of the car claims that the new engine has clocked up only 6,600 miles since the open-hood surgery was performed and that he has invested more than $35,000 in the vehicle over the years.

According to the description, the spiced up Bimmer features a set of 750iL-sourced front and 540i rear brakes, custom headers and exhaust, modified suspension (with Bilstein shock absorbers and H&E springs) and wheels from a 540i.

There are interior appointments as well, such as power sport seats, XM radio and improved soundproofing. Judging by the photos, it’s looks like the car was taken care of. The body looks OK, the engine bay is neat and the seats have just the right amount of wear and tear, which gives the leather character.

Furthermore, the car’s papers seem to be in order, too, so it could make someone very happy in the future. For now the seller’s reserve was not met, as the bidding stopped at $11,400.


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