Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lexus Official Says IS Coupe worth Studying

When company execs are around journalists, they usually sound more like politicians than anything else, meaning that you rarely get a straightforward answer to a question especially if it involves future plans. This seems to be the case with the IS Coupe story. When asked by the folks over at Jalopnik if there was a possibility of an IS Coupe version in the future, Mark Templin, general manager of Toyota's Lexus division gave the following answer: "Obviously, we're making no announcements today, but it's certainly something we should study carefully."

That isn't a yes, it isn't a no, it's something that can be interpreted in more ways that we have time to address. And while we leave Templin to "think about it", let us ask you if you believe that Lexus should develop a coupe variant of the IS based on the Convertible. As always, leave your answers in the comment section below.


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