Monday, December 27, 2010

ASI Readies Performance Upgrades for the Ferrari F430

Japanese tuner ASI -in case you're wondering, ASI stands for 'Accuracy' Spirit' and 'Imagination', has revealed details on the company's first project outside of the Bentley Continental series in the form of the Ferrari F430 project. The complete package includes lightweight aero parts, engine upgrades and an even sportier suspension setup.

The available aero parts from ASI include a front bumper ($5,000 US), side skirts ($4,000) and rear bumper ($6,000). Alternatively, customers can order the full body kit at a cost of $15,000 US. According to the Japanese tuner, while the body kit offers aerodynamic performance identical to the Ferrari stock parts, the new components weigh 27kg or 59 pounds less than their factory counterparts.

ASI's tuning program for the F430 also includes an ECU upgrade (the firm did not reveal any performance figures) and a Sachs suspension system priced at $7,500 and $13,000 respectively.


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