Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bajaj To Launch New Pulsar 220 S Price Details

After the huge success of F varient of Pulsar 220 Bajaj India now on its way to launch The "S" varient of Pulsar 220, named Pulsar 220 S. As in the F varient where the "F" stands for Faired, the new varient "S" stands for Street.The all new Pulsar 220 S is expected to hit Indian roads by Febuary 2010.Another good news is that the varient Pulsar 220 expected to be priced Rs. 3,000 less than the F version.

The new Pulsar 220 S has a top speed of 144 kmph tested by the Bajaj team,made the bike as the fastest bike in the country.New Bajaj Pulsar 220 S equipped with new 220cc oil cooled carburetored engine with 21 Bhp of power at 8500rpm and 19 NM of torque.Pulsar 220 is more powerful with 21 Bhp in Comparison to Karizma ZMR's 17.6 Bhp and Yamaha R15's 17 Bhp both are priced much more than the new Pulsar.The Engine of new Pulsar 220 S is upgraded with changes including new combustion chamber, all new port geometry for optimized thermodynamics, new valve coat material to eliminate cardon formation, new design short skirt lower friction piston, an all new camshaft and 33% larger oil cooler.

The new 220 S is boosted with 32 venturi carburettor which is the biggest ever used in Indian and also uses temperature based ignition mapping system that helps in optimizing ignition time for better startability, quick warm up and outstanding torque.The new Pulsar also have the standard five speed gearbox with one down and four up pattern.

There is not much change in the desin an styling compared the previous version.The new Bajaj Pulsar 220 S also features ‘all-black’ theme like Pulsar 150 & 180.The new Pulsar comes with six spoke alloy wheels, stylish body panels, clear lens indicators and exposed chain. It offers a little under-seat storage cubby that can be unlocked via a cable release located under its lockable side panel.The new Pulsar 220 S varient also comes with new 3-D graphics, redesigned console background and slightly revised clip-on handlebars.

The all new Pulsar 220 S will be expected to be launched by next month ie february 2010 and comes with an expected price tag of Rs. 75,000.

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