Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yamaha new YZF-R1 Launching Soon in India Specification, Price details

Japanese two-wheeler Yamaha all set to launch their new YZF-R1 in Indian market.The new YZF-R1 is expctedto hit India by next year with other models and variehts.Like the 2007 model YZF-R1 the new 2010 YZF-R1 will be imported from Japan as completely built unit (CBU).Yamaha said that they are expected to sale up to 2.2 lakh units in the Indian market and export 70,000 units from here this year, aiming for a 50% growth is sales from both segments in 2010.

The new YZF-R1 comes powered with 998cc 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 4-valves, DOHC engine capable of producing a maximum power output of 179 Bhp @ 12500 rpm and a peak torque of 115.5 Nm @ 10000 rpm.Unlike typical inline-four engine design, where the two outer and two inner pistons move together in pairs with 180° intervals, the crossplane crankshaft has each connecting rod 90° with a unique firing order of 270° – 180° – 90° – 180°. This overcomes the inherent fluctuations in inertial torque during each engine revolution, and the accompanying peaky torque characteristics.This MotoGP-inspired engine is without a doubt the most technologically advanced powerplant ever seen on a Yamaha supersport bike.The new engine feels and sounds smoother than ever, and emits an unforgettable growl from the exhaust.

The new YZF-R1 features Yamaha D-MODE (or drive mode) with rider-selectable throttle control maps to program YCC-T performance characteristics for riding conditions.The maps can be switched to any mode with the help of the button on the handlebar switch.The Drive mode "A" provides a sportier engine response in the low- to mid-speed range and the "B" mode offers ess sharp response for riding situations that require especially sensitive throttle operation.

2010 YZF-R1 available shades:
  • Yamaha Blue
  • Metallic Black
  • Bluish White
2010 YZF-R1 will be available in India through 24 authorized Yamaha CBU dealerships in 13 cities including 4 Yamaha Factory Shops located in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata. The new 2010 YZF-R1 comes with a price tag of Rs 12.5 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom, All India).

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